Please be aware that our animals are not currently accessible for patting. If you want to see these adorable animals it's as easy as taking a ride on Bluebell the train, which will take you all the way around their enclosure.

At the Yarralumla Play Station we currently have two alpacas, Alice and Alex, our favourite cow Herb, a miniature Galloway steer who is cute as all getout with his big black koala bear ears and white fur.  And they join best friends Pepper the pony and Poppy the lamb.

This has made for an interesting conundrum for the staff at YPS as we are now always on the lookout for fresh Herbs, Pepper corns and Poppy seeds!!!

In early 2017 we will be introducing a party package (Party & Pat) where a host will guide your party on an interactive learning experience with the animals... stay tuned!

The health and wellbeing of our animals is VERY important to us. This is why we do not remove baby animals from their mothers. We only have baby animals that are either weaned or rescued due to them being rejected or orphaned. Our Petite Park is suitable for all occasions and all ages, offering a hands on experience with expert and passionate animal handlers. Our staff are friendly and happy to answer any questions which just adds to the great experience!

Why choose Petite Park

Join the fight against animal cruelty by choosing wisely when you book your next petting zoo, pony or animal hire for film, photos or TV. Our animals are part of our family and their welfare is our greatest and top priority.